A "Must Have" Garden Delight!! Plant Marigolds, Garlic or Mums
around your Swiss Chard and Have A Pest Free Garden.
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Swiss Chard Plants
Swiss Chard
If you’ve been wondering how to grow Swiss Chard , you probably enjoy greens
tremendously. You get a lot of Vitamin A from dark leafy vegetables, and Swiss
Chard is no exception.

Swiss Chard is actually a beet that really doesn’t produce a bulbous root. These
wonderful plants do, however, produce many large, dark leaves that can have
red, white or yellow stalks. These leaves are perfect in dishes that include
greens. As well as the stems.
Many vegetables and flowers make suitable chard plant companions. Tomatoes, one of the most popular vegetables, do
quite well when paired with chard. Also, everything in the cabbage or Brassica family takes to growing with chard quite
well, as does anything in the Allium family. Beans are excellent chard companion plants.

The Swiss chard will be ready to harvest by the time the beans are getting ready to have a growth spurt and over shadow
the chard. In the meantime, the chard shades the tender bean seedlings and helps to retain soil moisture.
Radishes, lettuce and celery also thrive when comingled with Swiss chard
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