prevents yellowing of the leaves and Tomato Plant disease.  V 8 Organic
Vitamins  can be applied to the soil at planting or watered in during the growing

1. Mix in one tablespoon of V 8 Organic Vitamins  in the hole prior to planting.

2. Or  after planting the Tomatoes water with V 8. Just  mix in 1 tablespoon of  V 8
to a gallon of water. Stir or shake up  the container  and  the  V8 is ready to use.
Water at the root level.
Use as often as you like  V 8 is all organic; therefore no chemical build up in the

3. Or use the V 8 as spray and apply directly to the plant leaves. Right where the
fungus and  disease want to make their home.

4. After the first application use V 8 Organic Vitamins every two to three weeks.
Albert's  Mountain
Tomato Plants
V  8 organic

Keeping Your   
Tomato Plants    
Tomato Plant
V 8Organic Vitamins - 1 lb.
Use as foliage spray or
water in.Use as
preventative before fungus
or molds even get a
chance to start.
Tomato Plant Food - Oranic Tomato Plant Compost Tea -
                  V 8 Organic Vitamins
There will be no sick plants if their feed Tomato Plant Food and Give Organic Vitamins                   
Organic Tomato Plant Vitamins
Tomato Plant Food
Tomato Plant Organic Plant Food
Plant Your Tomato Plants for sale according to the  instructions from the
following pages on this web site. Water them as needed. And remember to
feed your tomato plants. They will reward you with an abundant
harvest all season. Remember to feed them with organic  vitamin tonic and
tomato plant food.
All Organic Plant Food and Vitamins
No Chemical Build Up In The Soil. No
reason for sick plants when they get
good Tomato Plant Food and all
organic plant vitamins. Plan
t Garlic
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Pew Pew, ugh!!

"Some gardener planted garlic"
And some gardeners forgot,
"Thumbs Up"
Want to improve the taste of your tomatoes?  Plant garlic  near or in between
your  tomato plants Garlic  will not only improve the taste of your tomatoes. But
will also keep  rabbits nor rodents running to find a different place to call home.

Garlic will also reduce fungi and overall quality and  of your tomato plants.
Marigold Plants:
Even thou the Marigold is a small plant it does a big job keeping rodents and
rabbits out of the garden. The Marigold blooms from early Spring till late Fall
and  during all that  time the Marigold keep on working for your garden.
Why Is  The Marigold  A Great Garden Companion Plant?
The Marigold makes an abundant array of flowers. The flowers send off a smell that  
garden pest do not like. Also the leaves of the Marigold are not pleasing to the taste
bugs of rodents or rabbits So plant Marigolds no need to share your garden.
Garlic Another Organic Pests Control:
Marigolds plant in between your    
Tomato plants.
Jumbo Garlic
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