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A "no care" garden delight that keeps on working for you all season
What Is Pennyroyal?
Pennyroyal releases sulphur in to the air.
Garden pest can not tollerate the smell.
We think the smell is sweet and delightful,
however, insect and rabbits can not
tolerate the smell.  

Take a branch of Pennyroyal and tie it on
your pet and keep flies and ticks at bay.

Plant Penny in your garden or plant her in a
hanging basket.
How To Plant Pennyroyal
Pennyroyal has no special growing requirements. If
possible plant in a soft sandy loam soil with some
The sandy loam soil will stimulate mrore rooting and
the end result will be a big bushy Pennyroyal.

As she grows take some of the long bramches and
biry them in the soil. This will root and lmake a pretty
bushy plant.
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