What Is Okra ?
Okra  is a vegetable. The plant will grow about 4 feet tall. Sometimes a little shorter.
Okra likes full sun and moderate watering. Just about any kind of soil will work. But a
sandy loam soil will give the best production of Okra at harvest time.

The Okra plant do not make heavy foliage. It does make nice big leaves and gorgeous
yellow flowers. Right behind the flowers you will find the Okra pods.
Okra is easy to plant and grow.

1. First prepare your soil. Add some old compost a little peat moss and a fertilizer.

2. Now make a hole about 2 times the size of the roots on the Okra plant.
Throw a little bone meal in the bottom of the hole.

3. Now find the soil mark in the truck of the Okra plant.

4. Place the plant into the prepared soil. And fill back in the soil.

5. Pat down the soil to get the air pockets out.

6. Now water and drench the soil well.

7. No staking needed. They stand on their own.
Plant Okra about 1 foot a part. And about 3 feet between the rows. They make
great decorative plants in a large container.  Okra seam to grow in spurts.  Slow
at first. Then after it blooms the pods appear shortly there after.

Harvest pods when they are young and tender. The older the pods the tougher
the pods.   Okra will continue to produce as long as you keep harvesting the

Okra will grow well in a container that has large drain hole. The container will  
dry out faster that if planted in your garden. So be sure to check on the soil and
keep it slightly moist.
How To Plant  Okra ?
Okra A Garden Delight
Okra is ready to Harvest
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