French Marigold Tagetes patula   
What is a Marigold
French Marigold grow 8  - 12 inches tall . In most places they are annual. The French Marigold plant for
sale  are elegant and have dark green forrest color leaves.

Achenes ripen and are shed within two weeks of the start of bloom. The heads contain mostly
hermaphrodite (having both male and female organs) florets and are pollinated primarily by beetles in the
wild, as well as by tachinid flies and other insects. The leaves of all species of marigold include oil glands.
The oils are pungent.
Marigold Plants For Sale
Plant Marigold Plant For Sale in your garden this season and enjoy a pest free
garden. Protect those Tomato Plants for Sale the organic way.
Why Plant Marigold plants for sale. Marigold plants   are used in companion planting for many vegetable
crops. Its root secretions are believed to kill nematodes in the soil and it is said to repel harmful insects,
such as white flies on tomatoes.
African Marigold plants for sale have a upright growth
and can reach a height of 30- 40 inches, while French
marigolds grow to only 8-16 inches. The scent is strong
and somewhat unpleasant, and is effective in repelling
many garden pests. African marigolds come in shades of
yellow and orange, while French marigolds are often
multicolored in shades of orange, yellow, mahogany and
crimson. Both are suitable for massed plantings or pots.
They are attractive as cut flowers if the scent isn't a
problem. Change the water in the vase frequently.

Africian Marigold Plants For Sale:
Tagetes erecta

There's nothing subtle about an African marigold, and
thank goodness for that! It's a big, flamboyant, colorful
punch of color for the sunny bed, border, or large
container. Most are yellow, orange, or cream. Plants get
up to 3 feet tall and produce huge 3-inch puffball blooms
while dwarf varieties get just 1 foot tall. The mounded
dark green foliage is always clean, fresh, and tidy. Grow
them in a warm, sunny spot with moist, well-drained soil
all summer long.

You want your African Marigolds to grow about 12 inches
apart. Add mulch over the soil around your African Marigolds
to keep in moisture. Mulch also helps prevent weeds from
growing in your garden. African Marigolds are hardy plants,
and should grow with regular watering. If desired, you can
use fertilizer on your African Marigolds every four to six
weeks. When blooms are finished, pinch them off. This will
direct energy to new blooms, and prolong flowering.
Court Jester Marigold

This little marigold has stunning yellow
and burgundy striped single
The giant African type that is popular with gardeners coast to coast.
Crackerjack Mix - Marigold,  African
Eskimo Marigold
Knee-high plants bear graceful, large, fully
double flowers. The soft cream-colored
petals make an arresting contrast to the
dark green foliage.
Annual Here’s the first scentless
marigold variety! Medium gold
Golden Age Marigold
Queen Sophia Marigold
Brocade Mix Marigold

This lovely variety produces large
2-inch flowers on dwarf plants. A
brilliant mix of red, gold and orange.
marigold plants for sale, marigold plants, french mariold plants for sale,
The story behind the French Marigold and how it got its name is humorous. French marigolds plants for sale
have a Mexican orgin . The Marigold traveled from its native territory in Mexico to Spain and on to France right
after the discovery of the new World.  

Marigolds are  hardy supremely easy going.  Tagetes patula ( patula means "soreadig") remains a favorite in
United States, Mexico and Europe their seeds were carted to Europe by the Spanish in the 1500s, then
transported to France. After the French and others fussied over the marigold plants for sale. The marigolds made
their way  to our gardens. Nearly all  the Marigold plants for sale are compact, well-branched plants, and about
six to 12 inches tall. Most cultivars produce double flowers, but there also those Marigold plants for sale make
single flowers. For example,   the Scarlet has gold centers and bronze-red petals edged in gold.
Maridgolds Are Not French
American, French and African Marigold plants for sale
African Marigolds Plants For Sale:
There are two basic types of Marigold flowers, American and French.

The French Marigold plants for sale varieties are bushier and they generally are shorter than the
American Marigold and with  smaller tighter flowers (unlike the American varieties which tend to have
large full flowered heads). The French Marigold plants for sale bloom in as little as 6 - 7 weeks after
sprouting. So if your wanting to add color fast to your garden the Marigold plants for sale would be the
one to plant . These hardy plants also self-sow, meaning they will sprout again from pinched dead bloom
the following Spring. Or you can gather the seed for the next years's planting of Marigold Plants for sale.

The French Marigold flower exudes a potent substance (thiophene) in their roots and leaves. The theory
is that any thing in the in the immediate vicinity that  the substance might catch will  kill some of the
pests especially  ‘root-knot nematodes’. Nematodes are common pest of many vegetables, flowers, and
shrubs. Aphids /White flies also hate the smell of the Marigold.

The French Marigold plants for sale are particularly beneficial to tomatoes, squash, eggplant, broccoli,
potatoes, and peppers, but don’t plant them with beans. At the end of the season, leave their root system
in the ground because their ‘anti-nematode’ effect is said to last for a time afterward.
How To Plant Marigolds

1. In mild gardening areas, plant Marigold plants for sale  outdoors in April or May or after the last
frost.  For a head start, buy marigold plants early and keep them indoors or in an outdoor cold
frame 4 to 6 weeks before the last frost.  

2.  Use any good garden soil that has been enriched with humus,  old compost and some peat
moss. Make sure the area is well drained. The
Perk Test is a fast and easy way to determine soil
drainage. French marigolds tolerate dry soil but prefer moist.

3.  Place French marigolds in full sun. Space 6 to 8 inches apart.

4.  Make a hole 2 times large than the root. Then Plant up to the first set of leaves.

5.  Plant outside before the first flowers open. Remove opened buds for the first couple of weeks.

6.  Water when the weather is dry. Dead-head (remove faded and dead blossoms) to prolong the
display, which will continue until first frost.
In Sum, Marigolds are easy to grow and have a long flowering period. No matter which variety you select
just plant Marigolds and enjoy the benefits of a colorful Spring garden. And the added benefit of keeping
those unwanted pests out of your  garden.
The American Marigold plant for sale are really the African Marigold plants that have been made to
hybrid. Improving on the color  and double or single flowers.
Oh No!!
It's those Marigold Plants for sale
Court Jester Marigold
Borcade Mix
Golden Age
Wonderful for ever flowering Marigold. She
brings non stop color to your garden while
keeping garden pests at bay.
A combination of yellow and orange all on
the same plant. Big buttom size flowers.
Marigold Plants For Sale
" I like to eat eveything your garden.
But those Marigold plants for sale stink. Plant Marigold plants
or sale and you won't see me."
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