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Comfry Plants - Roots For Sale
Comfrey (also comphrey) is a common name for plants in the genus
Symphytum. Comfrey species are important herbs in organic
gardening. It is used as a fertilizer and as an herbal medicine.
Comfrey (Symphytum officinale L.) is a perennial herb of the family Boraginaceae
with a black, turnip-like root and large, hairy broad leaves that bears small
bell-shaped flowers of various colours, typically cream or purplish, which may be
Comfrey is a fast-growing plant, producing huge amounts of leaf during the
growing season, and hence is very nitrogen hungry. Although it is a
tenacious grower, it will benefit from the addition of animal manure applied
as a mulch, and can also be mulched with other nitrogen rich materials such
as lawn clippings, and is one of the few plants that will tolerate the
application of fresh urine diluted 50:50 with water, although this should not
be regularly added as it may increase salt levels in the soil and have adverse
effects on soil life such as worms. Mature comfrey plants can be harvested
up to four or five times a year. They are ready for cutting when about 60 cm
(24 in) high, and, depending on seasonal conditions, this is usually in

Comfrey will rapidly regrow, and will be ready for further cutting about 5
weeks later. It is said that the best time to cut comfrey is shortly before
flowering, for this is when it is at its most potent in terms of the nutrients that
it offers.

Comfrey can continue growing into mid-autumn, but it is not advisable to
continue taking cuttings after early autumn in order to allow the plants to
build up winter reserves. After the growing season, leaving comfrey beds
fallow may deliver higher yields in future harvests, as the plant builds up
energy reserves in its roots.
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