How To Grow Christmas Ferns
Christmas Ferns are harvested from
the forest each season.
Christmas fern is relatively deer- and pest-resistant as well.
** It is important to not that his is not a people edible Fern.
See the details below for edible ferns.
Why Grow Christmas Ferns?
This plant is great for everyone from the beginning
gardener to the most experience. It is a very low
maintain plant that takes very little over seeing.

A "no care plant" that lasts for years.
The Christmas Fern is very hardy and will survive  the
long hard winters and the ever so long hot summers -
just remember to water when hot.
Bringing a woodland character like the Christmas Ferns
to your home landscaping or garden can be versatile
addition to  shady spots and those "eye sore areas"
where nothing grows.

The Christmas Fern gets its name from its ability to
remain bright green all winter especially  at holiday times.
Christmas Fern - Show Case
Forever Green Landscape Fern
Christmas Fern
Christmas Fern     (Polystichum  acrostichoides)

The Christmas Fern is a  North American native. The Christmas Fern is
also called the Sword Fern. The Christmas Fern is a perennial and loved
by gardeners because it is "forever green" even in the winter. And has
long lush foliage all season long.

Just some shade and moderate watering is all it takes to grow the
Christmas Fern as a landscape design or make an eye catching
container plant.
Christmas Fern
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Fiddle head Plants Roots For Sale. This Is What You Eat.
The Fiddle head Fern is the "edible fern". Harvest  Fiddle heads when they are curled tight and up to 7 inches tall. Do
not over harvest as the Fiddle head will die. Leave at least one on each plant to grow.

Plant Fiddle Head Ferns in soil that has organic matter and that drains well. Give life to those bare spots and hard to
grow  areas in your garden or around your yard that do not grow any thing. These make great plants for shaded
areas. Harvest Fiddle heads when they first appear. Enjoy the unique gourmet flavor of Fiddle head Ferns.
Fiddle Head Ferns  Edible Fern
Fiddle head Fern
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