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Asparagus   3 Year Roots Crowns
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Plant Asparagus root in a trench noyt a hole. Make gardening and planting fun.
Harvest asparagus roots when they are 7ninches tall. Grow and buy many freeze for when there is non.
Asparagus roots easy to plant fast to grow. Buy many and enjou the harvest.
Step- 1
Know what you are planting. For example: full sun,
sandy loam soil, moderate watering.

Now order.
Step- 2
Prepare soil and plant. Water when finished plants. Plant 12
-14 inches a part. A 3 year old crown should have 5 inches of
soil on top off the crown.
Step- 3
Harvest at 7 - 9 inches tall. Pick off the tall ones the short ones
will be ready in a couple of days.
Harvest even with the soil.
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Jersey Knight Asparagus roots
Garden many varieties of Asparagus in your garden.
Wherebto buy Asparagus roots near me?
Buy Asparagus roots online
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Asparagus Roots Crowns 3 Yr
Asparagus 3 Year Crowns - Roots
FAsparagus last 15 years. Plant with that in mind.
Plant in a trench. Crown upward.
Harvest spearts at 7 - 9 inches tall.
What is Missing In This Picture?
Garlic and Marigolds  keep the garden pests
out. Plant in between the Asparagus. And plant
a border around your garden and keep the
rabbits at bay.