How To Plant Tomato Plants Fast and Easy !!

                                How To Plant Tomato Plants

There are two ways that I would recommend. Both ways of methods are equally effective at producing healthy tomato plants for your garden.

Tomato Planting Method - 1 - 

First,  depending on the size of the plants that you purchased you will need a hole that is 4 times as wide as the roots and an inch or two deeper than the root ball to the surface dirt in the pot. In other words, bury the Tomato Plants deeper than the pot they come in.

Bury the tomato plants all the way up to a few top leaves. An hour prior to transfer water the plants thoroughly. Always plant them as deep as you can without any leaves touching the ground. By burying the plants deeper the stems will have more contact with the soil and produce more roots and less likely to get tomato disease.


Tomato Planting Method  - 2 -

The second way to plant Tomato plants is fast and easy just like the first Method - 1 -. Bury the Tomato Plants deeper than the pot they came in all the way up to a few top leaves. The tomato Plants are able to develop roots all along their stems and by planting deep this will promote the roots to grow plentiful and strong. 

You can either dig a deeper hole or simply dig a shallow tunnel and lay the plant side ways. The stems will straighten up and grow toward the sun. Be careful not to drive your pole of cage into the stems. After the plant gets about 3 inches tall. Snip with shears the very bottom leaves of the plant as theses are the first to get diseases from the soil, The lower leaves because they get the least amount of sun have the most amount of problems so just cut them off. Spraying with Tomato Tea Plant Food keeps plants wealthy. Buy Best Unique Tomato Plants