Court Jester Marigold
This Marigold has stunning yellow and burgundy
stripes  single flowers. Great repellent.
Crackerjack Golden Orange -  African
Crackerjack Golden Orange
Bright gold flowers. Single blooms from early
Spring till fall. Great repellent.
Queen Sophia Marigold - French
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Signet - Edible
Orange - Yellow Mix
Signet - Edible
Court Jester Marigold - French
Queen Sophia Marigold
Bright and dramatic. Bright orange and
gold. Great Repellent.
Crackerjack Mix - African
Crackerjack Golden Orange Mix
For a dramatic presentation. Orange
and gold. Fast repellent.
Vanilla Cream Delight  - French
Marigold produces may flowers.
Great repellent.

Alumia Vanilla Cream - French

Inca Primrose II Marigold  - African
Inca Primrose II - African
Large button head flower. Look pretty but has a
nice repellent smell to ward of garden pests.

Cresta Flame Marigold - French
Cresta Flame - French
Marigold with brilliant colors of burgundy
and yellow gold. Pungent repellent.

Durango Red Marigold - French
Durango Red - French
Marigold with brilliant colors of deep red
burgundy  gold center . Pungent repellent.
Signet Mix
Signet Mix
Cracker Mix
Cracker Orange
Cresta Flame
Durange Red
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