Court Jester Marigold
This Marigold has stunning yellow and burgundy stripes .
Crackerjack Golden Orange -  African
Crackerjack Golden Orange
Bright gold flowers. Single blooms from early Spring till fall.
Queen Sophia Marigold - French
Signet Edible Lemon Yellow
Produces large 2-inch flowers on dwarf plants. A     
brilliant mix of red, gold and orange.
Marigold      Plants  
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Oh No!!
It's those Marigold Plants for sale
" I like to help you harvest and  eat everything your garden.
But those Marigold plants for sale stink. Plant Marigold plants for sale and you won't
see me."
Marigolds keep pests out . Dont like the smell.
gardening marigold many benefits
Marigolds bloom all season. Plant many and make your garden glow.
Plant tomato plants and marigold will keepmpests out.
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flowers,  marigold bug repellent
yellow signet marigold plants buy many easy to garden fast to grow
signet edible marigold plants for sale
Signet - Edible
Orange - Yellow Mix
Signet Edible Marigold  
Orange -Yellow Mix. Many small edible flowers and   leaves.
Great flavor. Dramatic looking ideal for container
Signet - Edible
Court Jester Marigold - French
orange blosom marigold kepp the bugs out of your garde,
Queen Sophia Marigold
Bright and dramatic. Bright orange and gold. Great Repellent.
marigolds in color combination make gardening colorful
Crackerjack Mix - African
Crackerjack Golden Orange Mix
For a dramatic presentation. Orange and gold.
Vanilla Cream Delight  - French Marigold
produces may flowers. Great repellent.

Alumia Vanilla Cream - French
plant marigolds enjoy the forever blooms.

Inca Primrose II Marigold  - African
Inca Primrose II - African
Large button head flower. Looks pretty and nice
repellent smell to ward of garden pests.
Marigold plants add color and keep pests out of your garden.

Cresta Flame Marigold - French
Cresta Flame - French
Marigold with brilliant colors of burgundy and yellow gold.
Pungent repellent.

Durango Red Marigold - French
Durango Red - French
Marigold with brilliant colors of deep red burgundy  
gold center . Pungent repellent.
Signet Mix
Signet Mix
Cracker Mix
Cracker Orange
Cresta Flame
Durange Red
Msarigolds easyto plant fast to grow. Blooms for ever keeps pests away.
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