Elephant  and Jumbo   Garlic  Clove
Elephant Garlic plant easy to plant fast to grow, Buy plant several .
How To  Plant Garlic. . . 3  Fast and Easy Steps  . . .  
fresly harvesyed elephant garlic clove from our garden. Fast and easy to grow.
Garlic plants / clove  for sale - are  hardy perennial plants that are easy to grow.  Garlic is also called the "Stinking  Rose" and
grown for its tasty bulb. The garlic plant bulb is made of a series of bullets called  cloves. Garlic has a papery exterior which is
white / purple. Garlic is part of the "lily  family" and closely related to onions, shallots, garlic chives and leeks. There are 4 main
reasons for growing garlic: garlic is a deterant to garden pest. culinary, medicinal and gardening.

Garlic plants for sale. Garlic is a valued spice herb that  can be prepared in many ways.  For example, garlic can be steamed,
baked, chopped, minced,  broiled or stir- fried. Also garlic is an added flavor to meat, beef, pork and even ice cream. Garlic for
your good health.

In addition to the culinary value of garlic, garlic has an abundance of nutritional value and many medicinal uses. For example,
garlic is low in saturated fat, cholesterol and sodium. Garlic is a good source of calcium, phosphorus, Vitamin C and Vitamin B 6.
Current Research shows that garlic lowers cholesterol  therefore reducing cardiovascular disease. Garlic has also been shown
to have positive effects in preventing cancer and cold and flu symptoms. Eating garlic  has also had significant results as a
digestive stimulant. Garlic plants for sale keep us in good health.

Furthermore,  garlic plants for sale make a wonderful companion  garden crop. Garlic plants will  fight off insects and
unwanted garden pests. Garlic is an easy to grow care-free plant that has a bundle of great benefits -- health protection, add
cooking flavor and garden pest control.

So you will surely want  to include at least some variety of garlic plants and cloves as a part of your  Spring gardening of
There are several types of garlic. For example, there is hard neck garlic, soft neck garlic and Elephant Garlic. Also there are
many varieties of garlics  within these types. Soft neck  garlic have a smaller thinner stalk and do not make a scrape (a flower

Hard neck garlic make a flower stalk. It should be removed and can be eaten. The clove under the soil will make a head of
garlic while the scrape makes a stalk with flower.  We like to grow garlics that are distinctive for their flavor and size. And the
Elephant Garlic and Notoka Rose are just that.

Jumbo  Garlic

We grow the  Silver skin (Allium sativum) - soft neck garlic -- Notoka Rose soft neck garlic. It is easy to grow and a very
care-free plant. This garlic is hot and pungent and has a strong flavor . The cloves are jumbo size -- easy to peel -- bigger
than the garlic in food stores. Excellent for all types of cooking. The bulb paper is white and the cloves are reddish / purple.
The Notoka Rose garlic is great for making braided garlic.
Where To Plant Garlic Plants For Sale:

The first thing to do is to decided where in your garden you will want to plant your garlic.  Here are
some things you should consider when choosing a home for your garlic plants. The location you
choose should have  full or partial  sun and fertile sandy soil with good drainage.

The garlic plant leaves grow long and board. The leaves may shade smaller plants. Garlic plants
can be planted a long a fence line, in the back row of your garden or in-between other plants. Also
Garlic plants can be planted in containers. The container can be made of clay or plastic. The soil
should have good drainage. Use a 3 gallon container for Elephant Garlic Plants and a 1 1/2 gallon
container for Notoka Rose Garlic Plants. The "key" to growing garlic plants successfully is the
soil. Plant Garlic in between your
Asparagus roots crowns.

Garlic plants for sale prefer  loose sandy loam  soil that is amended with "aged" compost , ag  
lime, peat moss and  lots of sand for good water drainage.  Garlic plants are tolerant of different
soil types and textures. However, hard clay soils will restrict the growth of the garlic plant bulb.
The soil  pH should be around 6.2 - 6.8 .  

To prepare your soil rototill or hoe-down into the soil about 6 - 12 inches. Add the above  
ingredients. After the soil has been prepared   it is a good idea to do a water drainage test. The
water test is fast and easy to do and the best thing is that it doesn't cost any thing.
When To Plant Garlic For Sale:

All  varieties garlic can be planted in either the Fall or Spring. If garlic plants are planted in the
fall,  then the garlic will be able to be harvested early in the Spring. Our garlic plants for sale --
just plant 1 inch deeper than the soil line on the main stem. Garlic cloves --  plant as described in
the 3 Quick Steps below.  The
"key" to planting garlic plants and cloves is the soil and the
drainage with either partial or full sun.
Why  Grow  Garlic?
Garlic Plant For sale Varieties     
Elephant Garlic:     Allium  Ampeloprasum
Elephant Garlic Clove is distinctive in size. One garlic  clove is about the size of women's fist. The Elephant Garlic
plant will make a 3 lbs head of garlic. Elephant Garlic is also distinctive for its flavor. It is mild and juicy. One clove
can be eaten like a small potato. No garlic breath. Elephant Garlic plants are not true hard neck garlic but similar.
Jumbo    Garlic  Plants   
Wild Garlic Clove          Bunch  $4.50
Wild garlic is small yet very flavor full. Buy many and eat plenty.
Jumbo    Garlic  Clove     
wild garlic plants in the woods
Wild Garlic    Plants     Bunch  $7.50
Plant garlic in a container just fertilize more.
garlic makes a great gardening companion with tomat oplants
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Garlic releases sulfur. Burns insect nose. Buy garlic and plant it all around your garden.
Elephant   Garlic  Clove
Garlic grows all year. Harvest at 8 months.
Elephant garlic clove
Jumbo Garlic Plant cloves, seeds, bulds for sale,
elephant garlic clove plant and garden many.
Garlic seed made from the garlic plant. Buy plants or clove seed take too long.
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