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Frequently Asked Tomato Questions
1. Is There Any Advantage Of Setting My Tomato Plants Our Early?
Knowing when to plant tomatoes is important. First the tomato plants  need a warm soil
and at least 60 degrees or better for best transplant results.
2. Will My Tomato Plants Be OK With 4 Hours of Sunlight
No tomato plants need  at least 7 - 8 hours of sunlight  when possible. This can be split sun,
3.  Want To Put My Tomatoes Out Early - Not Sure If Last Frost Is Over
There is no advantage to putting out your tomato plants early especially if the last frost is not over
with. The soil needs to be warm.
4.  How Much Water Will My Tomato Plants Need A Week?
on if you tomato plant are mulched or not.
5.   How Long Does It Take For Determinate Tomato Plants To Set Fruit?
It will take over a period of 2 - 4 weeks.
6.  Is It True that Indeterminate Tomato Plants Will Produce Tomatoes Till Frost?
Yes if you have a way to pull them indoors they will go right up to the middle of Fall,
7.  My Mother Over Paid For Her Tomato Plants And They Did Not Produce Well
8. Will 2  Tomato Plants be Enough for 4 People?
Over paying for Tomato Plants does not guarantee good healthy plants. Look for good strong stems, Full shiny
leaves. Compact strong instead of long and leggy and spindle like.
No plant one per person especial if your going to can or freeze any for later.
9.  I Was Given a Bunch Of Tomato Plants and The Leave All Look Different. Do    
Tomato Plants All Have The Same Kind of Leaves?
There are two different kinds of tomato plant leaves. There is the Regular and Potato leaf and slight different        
versions of those. One kind of Rugose had a darker puckers leaf while the Angora and a hairy leaf.

The Regular Tomato Leaf looks like a serrated knife. Also the variety of plant and where it is grown will have
a      variation on the  leaf growth and shape and color.   
10. My Tomato Plants Are Growing With Lush Leaves Yet Not Producing Any Flowers.
If your tomato plants are indeterminate then it will take longer to make fruit. However you may be over fertilizing
with a high nitrogen plant food. Nitrogen will cause the plant to produce big green leaves and no fruit. Check
your fertilizer and look for the N symbol. Do a soil test as well. Too much nitrogen will produce little scrappy fruit.
Nitrogen is needed when the tomato plant is young and growing. But nitrogen should be limited with mature
plants close to making fruit.
11. What Should The N Be On My Fertilizer?
When the tomato plants are young the  N number should be higher than the P or K. But as they mature the N
should be lowers than the P or K. Watch that you are giving them the right fertilizer at the right time of growth.
12. To Help Blossom Form and Develop Spray Tomato Plants?
Yes spray the young plants with high potassium plant food such as Tomato Tom's Energy Drink of Plant Food.
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