Basil Globe
Miniature or Bush Basil
Basil Globe Herb Plant
Holy Basil
Ocimum sanctum
Holy Basil Easy To Grow
This is a "must Have" no care easy Garden or
container plant. Clip the young leaves as
often as you like and they will be right back
producing more.

Full flavor great basil herb plant for sale.
Treatment for inflammatory conditions.
Natural teeth whitener also culinary flavor.
Holy Basil
Basil Globe ( Cultivar Ocimum basilcum)
Basil Globe Herb Plant For Sale is  a
tidy, compact basket herb plant for sale.
Ideal for garden or container.
Miniature Bush Basil
is a powerhouse of many benefits,  for example,  basil herb plants
for sale  herb plant for sale provides the framework for a healthy
Immune system, smooth rhythmic Heart, foundation for healthy
Skin, prevention for many Cancers, antibacterial,aids in  blood
clotting, gastrinal intestinal, stress, arthritis pain and helps with

The Miniature Basil bush is easy to grow and a great producer all
season. Full or partial sun and just moderate watering is all it
takes. Plant Miniature Basil today and enjoy many health benefits.
Minature Basil Bush
Basil Purple Tai
Basil Purple Dark Opal
Basil Purple Thai Herb
Basil Purple Dark Opal
Basil Purple  herbs' parts are very low in calories
and contain no cholesterol, but are very rich
source of many essential nutrients, minerals, and
vitamins that are required for optimum health.

All vitamins A, K, E , C, and an ray of minerals.
Plant Basil today. Harvest in few months. Easy to
Basil  Dark Opal  full of carotenoids just like
beta-carotene, which may be changed into
vitamin A and  Magnesium, that encourages
cardiovascular health simply by calming muscles
as well as blood vessels, enhancing blood
Cinnamon Basil
Cinnamon Basil
Cinnamon Basil (Ocimum basilicum),
An herb plant for sale  that features the taste and
aroma of basil with overtones of cinnamon. Begin
harvesting basil herb plants as soon as the plants are
bushy and have some large leaves, pinching these off
one at a time when plants are still young.

Later in the season, remove entire basil Cinnamon
plant for sale  stems and trim off individual leaves to
use fresh, or keep stems in the shade on a screen to
dry. Don't hang bunches of herb plant basil stems
because this slows drying and can allow mold
growth. You can freeze fresh chopped basil leaves.
Basil Persian Herb Plant For Sale
Basil Persian Herb plant has many health benefits.
Basil herb plant for sale are gorgeous green purple
plants with aniseed aroma.
Great for all types of recipes and used in baking as
well. Makes a great kitchen plant during the winter.
Basil Persian Herb Plant
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Plant Cinnamon Basil plant for sale and enjoy
a season of great flavor and a colorful garden.
Basil Persian  Herb
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Full sun or partial shade. Ether way is ok.
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